8 Feb 2012

Not just impartial chat (updated)

last winter frost
Last winter we had so called
"ice-rain". What's next? 
I remember when the English teachers told us: "If you don't know what to talk about - mention weather". But since then the conversation on the weather matters cannot be concidered impartial. Not anymore. 

First of all this theme is too hot now! It's important to know what frost we gonna have tomorow and when will it stops?! - Alas, the weather men cannot answer for sure. Yesterday they told us that we were to tolerate two more days, but today... 

5 Feb 2012

Last updates for Enternal Asia site

The collection of blogs you can see at the left sidebar helped me to write several new articles for the Enternal Asia site. I'm not just translating, but macking an adopted story for our russian readers.

4 Feb 2012

Aske me about

soviet poster: "the october
revolution gave all that to
working women & peasants"
When I write about faraway countries, I sometimes want to ask a resident of that state: are some fackts true or not? Aspasially if it's about modern life. We usually create and believe myths - human imagination is much stronger, then logic, after all.

So, few day's ago I've found a blog "Ask a Korean". Then I realized that it's not just one blog - I could call it an entire project "Ask a...".

3 Feb 2012

The less is better?

Sometimes I feel tired of the endlesness of the world around. I was born and live in one of the largest capitals, our country is the largest state in the world, we have long and very tangled history (not the longest for God's sake!), etc. And then I read about Bhutan...